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Commercial Real Estate Continuing Education CRE Members News Training Networking Social Platform For CRE Professionals

In the past few years, the CRE industry has undergone the largest shift we’ve seen in decades. It’s impossible to predict where the market is going a month out, let alone in ten years. Commercial real estate (CRE) professionals will always need to educate themselves and stay up-to-date on the latest trends impacting the CRE industry. Fortunately, real estate continued education (CE) has become easier than ever with the introduction of remote classrooms, online resources, and social platforms.

Types Of Commercial Real Estate Continuing Education CRE Members News Training Networking Social Platform For CRE Professionals

Types of Real Estate CE

To help people looking for commercial real estate continuing education options, we’ve gathered a few powerful resources you can use to take your commercial real estate career to the next level. Whether you are an established CRE professional or just getting started, we have programs you can easily incorporate into your hectic schedule.

Certifications and Designations provide CRE professionals a traditional approach to real estate continued education. Obtaining a CRE certification or designation typically requires you to successfully complete a course covering CRE-related subject matter, similar to what could be found in a college classroom. Certifications vary in length and the curriculum can span from days to months. Though certifications and designations are not considered degrees, they can make all the difference when gaining the knowledge required for obtaining a broker license.

CRE Organizations are another great commercial real estate continuing education option. CRE organizations are not all created equal and vary in size with some institutions such as the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) drawing a network of over 70,000 members. Other organizations with a more defined focus, such as the Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW Network) are geared towards advancing women in the commercial real estate industry.

Social Media Platforms have gained a lot of momentum over the past decade and are a great resource for real estate CE. Networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent for staying current on recent and developing CRE-related news and can be powerful networking and reputation-building tools.

CRE Members for Real Estate CE

If you’re looking for a dedicated CRE social platform geared toward commercial real estate continued education, networking, and growth, we encourage you to check out

For only $25 a month, Pro members enjoy access to an array of resources including industry news, live and virtual events, podcast interviews, and free access to the PRC School of Commercial Real Estate.

Evolving with the commercial real estate industry is crucial to your success, and the learning doesn’t stop once you receive your brokerage license. Commercial real estate continuing education is easy with the CRE Member Network. Connect, grow, and learn with the only dedicated CRE social platform out there. Learn more today!

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