SageWater Is The Nation’s Leading Multifamily & Condominium Pipe Replacement Expert.

Since 1988, we’ve repiped more than 100,000 occupied units, replacing over 35 million feet of pipe in apartment complexes, condominiums, and office buildings—all while tenants and residents stayed put.

Our innovative One Call Repipe® turnkey solutions for apartments and condominiums makes replacing outdated or defective pipes economical and hassle free. And our signature Renew solution extends the life of functioning systems not yet ready for replacement.

We’re licensed, insured, and bonded nationwide.

Contact us today to learn how we can solve your most perplexing piping problems. Our team of more than 150 dedicated employees is ready to take on your next renovation project.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Satisfaction
We stand apart in the repiping industry because we’ve perfected the art of keeping residents informed and working efficiently in occupied buildings. We complete each unit in just days.

We Offer Two Guarantees
That Make A World Of Difference:
All residents will have water at the end of each day AND no resident will have to move out while we are working.

Founded in 1988, SageWater has always put customers first. With roots in the insurance restoration industry, SageWater founders Peter Page and John Ellis learned early on that ensuring customer satisfaction is critical to building a strong brand and growing the firm.

Pipe replacement became our specialty in the mid-1990s, when defective polybutylene piping problems became a problem for millions of homeowners across North America. Since then, we’ve stayed at the fore of the field with innovative solutions for both age-related issues and defective products.

And we never rest on our laurels. Now more than a quarter-century on the leading edge of pipe replacement, SageWater continues to develop and implement new ways to better serve our clients.

Our unrivaled approach to resident and property management communications keeps everyone informed every step of the way. This is all part of the customer first philosophy. No other multifamily repipe firm matches our level of care, attention to detail and project management. All of our pipe replacement and restoration experts are SageWater employees. From professional plumbers and drywall experts, to painters, tile and carpentry, we keep everything in house. This ensures unprecedented quality control, guarantees all projects are completed precisely as scheduled, and reduces costs incurred from general contractor markups. If you have interior pipe problems, or you suspect costly problems are on the horizon, call SageWater–and consider them solved.

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